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Our partnership in care

Little Peanuts Early Learning Centre provides your child with a secure and happy environment where your children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills to become competent and confident individuals. We also help you as a parent/guardian feel safe knowing that your child is receiving the best possible care.

We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership of care. To do this we ensure you are:

  • Welcomed, recognised, acknowledged and respected by all of our Educators
  • Informed and asked for feedback
  • Involved in making decisions about your child’s experiences
  • Known, and that your child is really known by, and really knows, the people who care for him or her; and is happy, secure and engaged
  • More than looked after; cared for

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Baby Bluebirds

6 weeks – 2 years

Yellow Bumblebees

15 months – 2 1/2 years

Pink Periwinkles

2 years – 3 years

Green Tree Frogs

3 years – 4 years

Purple Possums Kindy

3 years – 5 years

Outdoor Play

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