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welcome to parents corner

Here is where we keep some handy little tips and reminders on how to get the best for your child out of their Little Peanuts Early Learning Centre experience:

Settling In

We would love to get to know your child and your family. We will give you an ‘All About Me’ questionnaire to fill in so that we can incorporate your responses within our program.

Making goodbye easier

One of the most important jobs of our day is helping you and your child feel safe and comfortable with the new environment. This especially happens when we assist you to both say goodbye and hello to your child’s fun day ahead at daycare. Talk to us for hints, tips and tricks to getting through this moment each day.

Guidance and Discipline

Educators follow a Behaviour Guidance Management Policy which extends across the whole Service giving consistency of expectation in all rooms. This policy allows children to develop self-discipline, respect for others, respect for property and respect for self.

The policy aims are:

  • To give all children the opportunity to expand their experiences of life in a productive, safe environment that allows individuals the right to safety, tolerance, self-expression, cultural identity, dignity and the worth of the individual, along with honesty in dealing with peers and caregivers.
  • To be taught to respect the rights and needs of others by foreseeing the outcome of their behaviour and the consequences of their behaviour.
  • To encourage the individual social development of each child.

Rest and Sleep

As per department guidelines we have a rest/pause period between 12pm – 2pm where all children are encouraged to rest or participate in quiet activities.
Sheets are required to be brought each day in all rooms except the nursery where they are provided. In the Nursery, there are government requirements around rest time for babies.

Rest time routine varies according to individual needs. We aim to make rest time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children. Your child may wish to bring a security item, pillow or blanket to have at rest time, we provide the cots and stretcher beds for children. Please feel free to discuss your child’s rest needs or request further detail from your Educators.


Your child’s birthday is a special event in his/her life. To celebrate your child’s birthday, you are welcome to bring a cake. Due to food allergies please check with your child’s teacher prior to their birthday.

Find out minute-by-minute information

When you enrol we’ll give you a login to our software application XPLOR. We use this software application to send notifications directly to your smartphone to keep you informed about your child’s day.

With your app you’ll also be able to see in real-time:
Daily Updates, Photos, Health, Bookings, Observations, Payments and Learnings.

learn more about xplor

Child Care Subsidy

A family subsidy (Child Care Subsidy) is available from the Family Assistance Office (FAO). The Family Assistance Office will assess parents’ taxable income and a scale will be used to determine the amount of assistance each family will receive. The assistance may be claimed at a reduced Service fee or at the end of the financial year. Every family regardless of their income is entitled to this assistance.
For further details talk to us or contact FAO on 13 61 50.

Talk to our Educators if you have any questions


  • Formula and bottles
  • Two (2) – three (3) sets of clothes that are weather appropriate
  • Security items

* A hat will be provided

2-6 years

  • Two sets of clothing that are weather appropriate (younger children and/or especially those toilet training, will need extra sets)
  • A security item for rest time
  • Sheet sets
  • Nappies (if applicable)

* A hat will be provided


Parents are advised to send their children to the Service in comfortable, inexpensive clothing. The children need to be able to move freely during their play period and should be unimpaired by clothing. While paints etc will come out in the wash, accidents do happen so it is best to send the children along in their “less than good clothes”. Young children enjoy and need “messy” play with paint, clay, sand, water and mud.

The Service will only have a limited supply of spare clothing. Please supply at least two sets of clean clothing and underclothing for toilet training and/or in case of accidents (toilet or play).

Please mark your child’s clothing and replace name tags if they fade in the wash. Ensure clothing is weather appropriate.

Clothing Safety

Please do not dress your child in clothing with cords (e.g. shorts, hats etc.) as these have the potential to become caught on equipment and may cause serious harm to your child.


Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled such as dummies, clothes etc. Lost property will be displayed for parent collection in your child’s room and/or at our customer service area. Parent co-operation in labelling assists the Service in keeping your child’s belongings together.
The Service discourages toys from home. Little Peanuts Early Learning Centre will not be held responsible for any personal belongings. Please be reassured, security items are acceptable.


A soft toy or security item is acceptable for rest time. It is appreciated if personal possessions and other toys are not brought to the Service e.g. cars, toys etc. Any possessions brought come entirely at the parent’s own risk with regards to breakage or loss.


Each child is allocated a locker.  If your child attends less than five days per week, they will share their locker with another child. Please place bags etc in your child’s locker. Bag tags will be provided for your child on enrolment to clearly identify their bags.


Little Peanuts Early Learning Centre is open from 6:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays.


  1. Check to see if there are any centre notices or special requirements
  2. Sign in via the digital sign-in system. This must be done each visit
  3. Place child’s bag and sheets in a locker and water bottles on benches/tables. Ensure all items are labelled. Marker pens are available if needed
  4. Apply sunscreen and a hat to your child
  5. Wash your child’s hands
  6. Hand any medication to staff, fill out and sign a Medication Permission Form
  7. Communicate with staff regarding your child’s morning


  1. Collect all of your child’s belongings including hat, shoes, clothes and sheets. Ask staff to assist with collection of any medication or wet clothes.
  2. Communicate with the staff regarding your child’s day
  3. Read your child’s communication book or daily feedback sheets
  4. Sign out via the digital sign out system. This must be done each visit.


Check out regular updates from Little Peanuts; download the PDF newsletters:

Food Menu


Call the centre during opening hours on (07) 4163 6928

Get in touch to see when your little one can join in on the fun and learning